Bicycle Handle Bar Bag | Customised Order

This is a make some time back, probably about 2 months now. Haven’t had the time to update.

This was an order from somebody based in the US, but was originally from Singapore. What a coincidence and a good way to save on shipping! No need for me to send it across the seas and hope that it doesn’t get lost in transition. It was quite a complicated project as I had no idea how big her handle bars were, and the girth of it. So I had to do it based on perception, and as Singaporeans would say, agaration.

So here’s a snippet of the build process.

I like to wet my leather before dyeing. I think it just picks and spreads the colour nicer.



My go to die. Fiebing’s leather die. Alcohol base, but dyes so sweet.




It is a round edge bag, so I had to make an oval kind of shape. Here’s after it has been skived down.


For the buckles.


Putting it in place and marking using a silver pen. Easily removable and doesn’t leave a mark like scratching does.



How it looks after everything is sewn down!weekend-ranger-leather-bespoke-customised-bicycle-bag-handle-bar-pannier-made-to-order-singapore-10weekend-ranger-leather-bespoke-customised-bicycle-bag-handle-bar-pannier-made-to-order-singapore-15

I really have no idea how to take photos in the dark. I admit. I suck at that.weekend-ranger-leather-bespoke-customised-bicycle-bag-handle-bar-pannier-made-to-order-singapore-19

weekend-ranger-leather-bespoke-customised-bicycle-bag-handle-bar-pannier-made-to-order-singapore-21 weekend-ranger-leather-bespoke-customised-bicycle-bag-handle-bar-pannier-made-to-order-singapore-17 weekend-ranger-leather-bespoke-customised-bicycle-bag-handle-bar-pannier-made-to-order-singapore-23 weekend-ranger-leather-bespoke-customised-bicycle-bag-handle-bar-pannier-made-to-order-singapore-22 weekend-ranger-leather-bespoke-customised-bicycle-bag-handle-bar-pannier-made-to-order-singapore-24


So, if you’re interested in getting something custom hand made, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be glad to answer you for at least 2 days, before we get back to you.

Till then,
Have a great weekend!

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