Customised Leather Name Card Holder | DIY Kit

So I received a request via email, asking to conduct a workshop. Something that I would very much like to do. Thing was, we are based out of our tiny homes (not that I minded), and the participant was a full-time responsible working adult just like me, and was equally busy as well, so holding a workshop was rather impractical. We ended off with a much simpler solution, we will make a kit for her!

She wanted something much like Anise, but with much bigger slots and a notch (sorry, forgot to take a photo of that).

Definitely more time consuming than making one yourself, cause everything has got to be pre-punched and pre-measured exactly (e.g. I usually round my edges when all is glued together)

After all the leather pieces have been cut out, I then make simple markings.

Measured and punched!

To give that little bit of Instagram feel. Get what I mean?

We have just handed over the kit to her, as you’re reading this blog post (or hopefully at the same time as this was posted), and hope that she gets back to us with the finished product! We’re excited to see how it looks!

Till then,
Have a great weekend!

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