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Before we start, I must say, this is a post, half a year in the making. Not because it took me so long to make it, rather, it took me so long to take photos. I must apologise in advance for some missing parts/photos as well.

Below is my attempt to create a camera/ sling bag, from 2mm vegetable tanned Tochigi leather. I doubt I’d make another one again anytime soon.

Every craft has its price. Leather crafting makes you bleed. Quite a bit.


Putting the pain aside, a true maker never gives up! Here’s after all the parts needed for the camera bag has been cut out. Forgive the messy desk. I tend to pack them nicely, but it gets messy again after each project.


Applying some CMC on the back of my strap piece, so that it doesn’t “fray” the leather that easily. Keeps it more uniformed.


Punching holes on the flap for stitching. 

All holes are done! Because it’s where the flap is, I decided to go with 2 stitches across. However, we have another reason for doing so. You’ll find out in the following pictures!

Side of the bag with rings for strap attachments. 

Fast forward many forgotten photos………………………….


And here we have it! The completed product!

Remember I said that there were 2 stitch lines earlier? Well, one of them was to connect the pocket within the bag together. Killing 2 birds with 1 stone. You can’t see it here, cause I’ve managed to fold another slit down to cover it. 


It started out pale. but after a few layers of mink oil, it really brings out the natural beauty. I can’t wait to pass it on to somebody who truly appreciates vegetable tanned leather and the natural patina that comes out after long usage.

So, if you are looking for a customised, bespoke bag, do feel free to contact us! Or check out our Instagram!

Till then,
Have a great weekend!

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