Leather Men’s Wallet | Customised Order

Received an order for a black men’s wallet. A huge fan of the colour black, but not when it’s on vegetable tanned leather. Few reasons; doesn’t appear nice in photos, and, you can’t really see the ageing process as well. But it’s what the customer likes,and we can only suggest 🙂

So, wanted to try something different, wanted to attempt using vinegaroon, instead of a dye.


Before dying:

After dyeying:

What is vinegaroon? Simply put, it is a chemical reaction between iron oxide and tannis found in vegetable tanned leather, that causes the product to turn a natural black.

Here you can see the vinegaroon in action. It’s basically an iron mesh in vinegar.

You then apply it on leather and see the magic.

If you set the vinegaroon aside for a longer period of time, the colour turns out better.

And…..it does not become the photo below. That was dyed with Fiebing’s black dye. My vinegaroon did not work out as well as I expected. Probably because the vinegar I was using was not strong enough, and I did not like the concoction sit for a longer period of time. Anyways, to quicken the process, I decided to dye it instead. 

Cutting the individual pieces out after dyeing. 

Folding the slits on each other, so that it can withstand prolonged usage.

Here it is, folded against itself.

All the pieces lined up! At the corner you can see my leather crafting book that I bought recently. One must not stop learning. Especially in leathercrafting. Cause, unlike mathematics, or physics, no one piece of leather is like the other. It is a product of nature, and that’s why I love its inconsistency!

Applying my own mix of bee’s wax and neats foot oil for a water proof surface.

Heating the mix up so that it penetrates the surface.

Vegetable tanned leather tends to be stiff when using for the first time, but get’s really nice and supple, and conforms to to shape after much use. Hope I can provide and update from the customer!

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Till then,
Have a great weekend!

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