Leather Name Card Holder | Customised Order


Another customised order!

A dark blue card holder for our client. He really liked how vegetable tanned leather gains a nice patina over time, and it grows darker with use. So we got him the darkest blue we can find, paired with an awesome 0.5mm maroon thread.


First thing for us was to settle the stamping. I prefer to stamp all names before I join the pieces together, so that indents on the other pieces will not occur, but that’s just a personal preference.


Individual pieces cut out and ready to be assembled! This card holder has 6-slots, cause our customer doesn’t like carrying around bulky wallets. He wanted something to store his cards, cash, yet compact, that’s why he decided to go with our Anise design!


Card slots being fitted together and stitched down.  m


How can we miss out our Weekend Ranger maker stamp?

Yet to sand and burnish the edges.


Just left to round the edges for the card slots!




Burnished edges with the sweet maroon thread!


And there we have it! A customised leather name card holder for our customer! So if you are looking for something customised for yourself, or your loved ones, contact us NOW!

Till then,
Have a great weekend!

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