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We were approached by our long time client/friend to make a bespoke tote bag for her, just big enough to fit her iPad and A4 documents, cause she’s a fine young lady, looking for a fine looking tote bag.

We are honest people here, so we’re gonna let you know that today is the birthday of our founder (HAPPY BIRTHDAY) as well as the Lunar New Year! Also, we made about 2 prototypes before we got the tote bag right. So when some people question, why are you so expensive huh? DO understand that we sometimes have material wastage, equipment purchase, material, man hour costs, yadda yadda. But honestly, we do think that Weekend Ranger is extremely affordable! Since it’s the Chinese New Year, and Valentine’s Day is coming up as well, why not get something with the extra ang bao money? Hehehe.

Like always, it’s gonna be a pictorial explanation of how we roughly made the tote bag.

First we cut out the require size. For this tote bag, our client/friend requested that it be in 2 different colours, green for the top, and natural tan for the bottom. Apparently green is her “lucky” colour.

Our logo piece here looks abit weird, because we applied water on the surface before embossing. Pre-requisite for leather stamping on vegetable tanned leather.

Bottom and top piece stitched together. Both the handles for the bag as seen.

Stitching the handles

Here’s to burnished edges! A burnished edge is a good edge!

Applying some gum tragacanth to help with the burnishing process.

Creating an X-Box stitch. Honestly, what do you call them? I only know it looks pretty and helps to hold better.

Both sides completed!

After both parts of the tote bag together, this is what you get! Almost done, now for the lining!

Whoops! Sorry, didn’t take any photos on the lining process. But here you can see the black lining. We’ve also coated our handles with neatsfoot oil, hence the dark shade.

Here you can see some neatsfoot on the green leather piece.

The inside of the tote bag.


Below are some shots of the tote bag with a lovely background: some lilies and garden hoses.
Model: Mrs Weekend Ranger

If you are looking for something like this, hit us up! You can even follow us on Instagram @WeekendRanger!

Till then,
Have a great weekend!

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