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I know for a fact that when you are engrossed with leather, you’ll definitely have loads of scraps lying around doing nothing. I too have lots of leather scraps, that I will never throw, you never know when these things might come in handy.


You can use it to test leather dyeing, embossing, test out a new pattern, or even use it for bag handle fillers. So, below is a project that I did for my USB.


This USB that I have is kinda small and easy to lose if you just put it aside. Also, it does not have any cover whatsoever, and I am afraid that prolonged scratching might cause it to be unable to be read. Thus, I decided to make a nice sleeve for it!

You can see here how small the USB is. I measures less than 8cm in length. I really like how it looks kinda like a car key holder, but not exactly? You get what I mean.

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