Leather Wallet | Customised Order

I know, I know, I know I have not been updating regularly. Been caught up with the busy lifestyle of Singapore. As eloquently put by Rihanna,”Work, work, work, work, work”. We’ve been caught up with work.


But work brings about something good as well! We received an order to do a custom wallet from a fellow co-worker! Something simple and not too difficult to do. Simple yet elegant.

It’s going to be a real easy tutorial and not much an effort is needed for people who have just started out leather crafting.

First you cut out the required leather piece. Cut our 2 lines for card slots.


Glue the sides together. Note: Only the sides and not the middle. I use binder clips near the ends to make it hold better.


Putting on my maker’s mark. New logo y’all


Draw a 3mm line by the edge. Punch holes through and stitch!


Ta-daaaahhh!! You’re done!

weekend-ranger-leather-singapore-customised-bespoke-name-card-wallet-holder-sleeve-made-to-order-events-fringe-activities-5weekend-ranger-leather-singapore-customised-bespoke-name-card-wallet-holder-sleeve-made-to-order-events-fringe-activities-6weekend-ranger-leather-singapore-customised-bespoke-name-card-wallet-holder-sleeve-made-to-order-events-fringe-activities-7 weekend-ranger-leather-singapore-customised-bespoke-name-card-wallet-holder-sleeve-made-to-order-events-fringe-activities-8


Contact us if you want something like this as well!

Till then,
Have a great weekend!

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