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We have been crafting for about 6 years now on a tiny island country, called Singapore! We can be found here previously,  but have decided to get a domain to call our own.

As all aspiring entrepreneurs would know, all at least those who are as poor as I am, when you’ve got to scrimp and save, you’ve got to do things yourself. Thus, we are quite pleased to say that this site was created without the help of a web developer. Cause we at Weekend Ranger Leather are advocates of the Do-It-Yourself attitude and movement.

We’re slowly building our site, and really do appreciate if you’ll stop by. Take a look. Probably even drop us a mail to say hi! Any words of encouragement will go a long way, and will keep us going. Do remember to support local, cause you’re not paying for us to chrome paint our cars (we don’t own any by the way), or sending us on private jets to the Bahamas, but you’re buying to support us, our dream, and maybe even, so that we can put a roof over our heads, and to start a family. Go Google. It ain’t cheap to start a family in Singapore. Killer rat race here.

Everything is handmade, handcrafted, hand sewn, hand stitched, and made with love. If you’re lucky, you might find bloodstains.

We try to provide tutorials for leather crafting beginners as well. Cause we know it’s difficult to learn this art. And we love it. We don’t want it to die. And to grow the community here in Singapore.

If you do have any comments, suggestions, ideas on how we could improve, or if you are looking for opportunities/ collaborations, do feel free to speak to us! 

Till then,

Have a great weekend!

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